The Prince Charming Test


 This test is all about observing your man’s actions. Will he run to your rescue when you call? Will he be your Prince Charming? When a man likes a woman, he’ll jump through hoops to help her and he’ll be glad to come to her rescue. Actions speak louder than words, so you want to find out what his actions say about his feelings towards you. If he is easily willing to come to your aide on a consistent basis, this is proof he genuinely cares for you. You can perform this test in a variety of ways. The options are limitless. The basic rules to implement the test are simple:

 Step 1)

Put yourself into a position of needing to be rescued or saved or you can just wait until an opportunity arises. Examples of Situations Requiring Rescue: Car breaks down Locked out of car Need a ride to work for a few days Need the car jumped Need your car fixed Need your lawn mowed Need someone to give your Mom a ride Any situation where you would want a potential mate to be there for you is a situation you can use to test him. Once you’re in the situation, you’ll need to call your man and find out if he’ll be there for you. This is very important. You don’t want to get involved with a man that isn’t willing to be your Prince Charming. Let’s see if he can pass the test.

Step 2)

You’re going to contact your man to come to help you. First things first, call him at a time when you know he can talk. Like, don’t call the poor guy in the middle of his weekly meeting at work and expect him to pick up. However, if you call him at a good time, he better picks up the phone. When a man really likes a woman, he’ll pick up her calls, return her messages, or call her back quickly. If he sends you to voice mail, doesn’t answer and/or doesn’t call you back right away, don’t make excuses for him. Take it for what it is: Proof that he’s not genuinely interested in you. If you leave a voice mail and let him know your situation and he still doesn’t call back, he probably isn’t interested in you. At this point, you can know wholeheartedly that this guy probably isn’t such a great guy after all. His actions are speaking to you loud and clear. Now, if he does pick up the phone.

Step 3)

Observe. How does he handle the situation? Does he offer to help? Does he sound concern? Does he run to your rescue? Does he tell you he has to go and can’t help right now? Does he tell you to call someone else instead? What does he do? How does the ACT? What does his ACTIONS say?

 Bottom line: Is he coming to your rescue? When a man likes a woman a lot, he will want to rush to her side to be the man that solves her problems. Only you can observe his behaviors and make that decision. Has this man passed The Prince Charming Test? Once this test has been passed, then you know it’s probably safe to allow him access to your precious asset, but only if you want to! You’re always encouraged to wait longer. The longer the wait, the more he appreciates! However, before you allow him access, you need to have “the talk.” We’ll get to that in a moment.


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