The Most Important Thing You Need to Know About Men


 Since the beginning of time, men have had us figured out. They know how to manipulate us, lie to us, cheat on us, hurt us, use us, play with our minds and tear out our hearts. Even worse is their ability to keep us around, even after


they’ve done all of those terrible things! How did they get so good at it? They know our weakness: our emotions…

 Many men are too stupid to even realize they’re doing this. We make it that easy for them! However, some men do know what they’re doing. These are the worst. You must be on the lookout; aware and cautious. They’re like predators stalking prey. These are the players, the cheaters, the users, the pimps, the douche bags, and the all-around assholes. These men know how to use a woman’s emotions for their own personal gain, whatever that may be. It could be sex, money, clothes or simply a place to live. You have to be conscious of this fact: There are a lot of men out there that will do and say anything just to get what they need. Once they get what they want, it’s time to move on. They know good and well they’re going to hurt you, but they simply don’t care. They easily walk away, while you are left devastated. They’re heartless, cruel, and calculated.

I’m not saying all men are like this. But, you must be aware of the fact that there are a lot more bad guys than you think and they’re everywhere. They know how to use a woman’s emotions against her by telling her in the most sincere ways just exactly what she wants to hear. They’ll play that game as long as it takes in order to drain you of whatever it is they want out of you. Then they leave or perhaps they string you along for as long as you’re willing to take it. You must be wise to this fact. Don’t get sucked into their traps. Just as you’re about to be educated on how to get what you want from men, these guys know how to get what they want from women. We don’t even realize it, but our emotions have made us easy targets. Our emotions have caused us to do things we would never do. Have you ever looked back at one of your previous relationships and wondered, “What the hell was I thinking?” Of course, you have. We’ve all been down that road. The thing to realize is that you weren’t thinking at all. You were acting on emotions.

You were reacting to feel when you needed to be controlling them. Simply put, you were acting with your heart, instead of listening to your head. Sounds romantic and it seems like that’s what you’re supposed to do for love, but it’s actually the worst thing you can do. Unless you enjoy being a fool in love. But if you want to be a strong woman who doesn’t have issues with men, it’s a huge mistake. Therefore, I ask that you forget about romance and going with your feelings. Those days are gone (for now).

The only way you’re going to get ahead of the game is to get a grip on your feelings. You have to know who’s boss. Is it your emotions or your brain? It should be an easy choice, your brain, of course! But it’s not easy. We are women, hard-wired to think with our hearts. Here’s a classic scenario. A guy just broke your heart in two, stomped on it, and walked away as if it was no big deal. A logical person would give him the finger and move on, but not emotional creatures like us. No way! We ask ourselves 100 times, “Why is he doing this to me?” We make a dozen different excuses as to why his behavior is forgivable. Then we plot out all of the ways we’re going to get him back. We even do all of this when we know he’s a piece of shit and we should let him go. This is a huge problem! Allowing our emotions to influence our actions and decisions is what gets us into trouble. It serves no purpose whatsoever. It may give short-term satisfaction, but it always leads to greater heartache. Controlling your emotions is the most important thing to do during two different phases. At the beginning of relationships and at the end of relationships. I want to start with the hardest one: the end of relationships.


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