Men Need Us, We Don’t Need Them


The power of the women is powerless without the desperate need from a man. Men need sex. They think about it all the time. They crave pussy the way we crave sweets. That’s why they’ll do all kinds of stupid things to get it. Their need for sex is a great weakness. Combine that weakness with your pussy, and you are now armed with your greatest weapon. Don’t feel bad about it. They prey on our emotions. We are going to prey on their need for sex. See, we don’t necessarily need to have sex. Sure, we love sex too and we want to have a good time. But let’s be honest. It’s not a desperate need for us like it is for them. Think I’m wrong? How often do you see women paying male hookers for sex? Never. Did you know that if a man doesn’t ejaculate, he will eventually start to feel a mental build-up from not having sex? It has to get out! He may jack off and that will suffice for a while, but eventually, he is going to feel an INTENSE NEED to have sex. Meanwhile, we could avoid sex for months and it wouldn’t bother us nearly as much. This is our advantage.

Unfortunately, women tend to flip this around and get it backward. We do the exact opposite and end up giving sex away easily. We think up all kinds of reasons why it’s okay to go ahead have sex with a guy. (We’ve all been through this at some point or another. I’m not judging anyone.) Some women simply think sex is the only way to get a man. Some women want to have sex with a guy they like because there’s all of this great chemistry. She convinces herself it’s okay to rush into it because both are consenting adults in a moment of passion. Some women think they can hook a man with their great sex, foolishly believing he’ll want to be with her because she’s the nastiest and freakiest woman he ever met. Then there are the women that say they’re just having sex “for fun” and they don’t care about the guy, but then secretly get sad when he doesn’t call anymore.

Whatever type of girl you may be and whatever your reasoning is, having sex with a guy you like is the absolute WRONG thing to do. The trick is DO NOT HAVE SEX. The less a man gets, the more a man wants. Men only want you when they can’t have you. Bottom line. I know it’s so stupid and you’re probably tired of hearing this. You may think, “If two people like each other, then what’s the problem?” Remember…these are men we’re dealing with! To try to understand the illogical mind of a man, I asked men some questions to give you a better understanding of why they make no sense. I interviewed ten single men, ages 18-40, and asked a very specific question, “Why do guys act like they want a girl to give it up, but then treat her badly when she does?” Their answers were brutally honest. They simply said, “Men don’t love sluts.”

One man was kind enough to elaborate, “They want a girl to give in easily and have sex with them because ultimately sex is what they want. However, the girl that gives in is the loser in the end. It doesn’t matter how good in bed she is or how sexy she is. It doesn’t matter how perfect she looks. She’s officially a slut because she gave the guy what he wanted and he didn’t have to put in any EFFORT.” Basically, men pretend they want a woman who “doesn’t play games” and is “mature,” but these are just bullshit lines to get you to go to bed with them. Men have no problem being sweet in the beginning to get you into bed. They’ll even love it while it’s happening. However, once the sexual act is complete, the girl disgusts the man. That’s why they act differently afterward. Men don’t love sluts. They don’t even like them.

The woman they really want is the one who rejects them. They want to get the girl that’s a challenge and doesn’t give it up easily. The girl that makes him wait for it, work for it and chase after it. The woman he falls in love with is the exact opposite of a slut because men don’t fall in love with sluts. Men fall in love with ladies. Ladies who are mature enough to know they don’t have to have sex. Ladies who don’t even want to have sex quickly, because it’s an unladylike thing to do. The type of woman a man will love gives off a vibe that says loud and clear: “I’m not an easy girl and you’re going to have to put in some effort if you want a girl like me because I’m very special.” It’s the old theory that if you get something free, you don’t appreciate it as much as if you had to work for it. What happens when you give a kid an expensive toy the first time he asks for it without making him earn it? He’ll play with it once or twice and then toss it to the side with no further interest.

On the other hand, make a kid begging for the toy for a few weeks. Make the kid prove he deserves the toy with good behavior. Then make the kid do chores to earn the money to buy the toy. By the time the kid finally gets the toy, he’s going to love the toy, take good care of it, and appreciate it. Men are like little boys with their toys. Make them wait, make them work, make them pay, and then they will love you, appreciate you, and take good care of you.


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